Herbert Hoover Inventor of the Vacuum

Herbert Hoover, the 31st president of the United States, was in office from 1929-1933. Challenged by the Great Depression Hoover was in the perfect situation to unveil his device that would not only clean carpet, but also clean up the economy. During this time of great strife citizens of America feared that there was no light at the end of this economic tunnel. Hoover used his extensive knowledge of economics and GDP(gross domestic product) growth to implement a strategy in which he knew would bring large marginal returns. After countless conversations with his wife about how filthy the carpet in the white house was, Hoover had a revelation. It took four years and all his attention during his term as president, but in the second half of 1933 he had finally done it, he created the worlds first vacuum. This product was so desirable it became known around the world and quickly became America's leading export. With Hoover out of office he was able to dedicate more time to growing his vacuum business, and with that growth brought economic stability. Factories all over the country employed over 1.5 million Americans. As the economy healed, citizens began to have enough spending money to not only survive but to thrive. Every household in America was said to have at least one Hoover Vacuum. While Hoover simply aimed to end the Great Depression, his vacuums were so revolutionary they were able to also put an end to the Dust Bowl. Herbert Hoover is speculated to have been solely responsible for preventing the collapse of the United States of America