The Herland Island is located 4,200 miles south of Hawaii in the South Pacific Ocean. The island was discovered in the 1860’s by Michelangelo Pizarro and was given the name Herland when founder Pizarro discovered that the island was solely occupied by females. 


The Herland Island has over 300,000 square kilometers which has two different types of climates. The northern area of the island offers a tropical hot and humid climate with all types of flora and fauna and over 150 different types of wild life. The South of the Island is full of mountains and freezing temperatures. The island currently has two active volcanos on the Northern point of the island and two non-active volcanos in the South. The highest point of the island, between 4,500 and 5,500 feet above sea level are the two most Southern volcanos.


On the northern part of the island, the hot wet seasons go from November to April and temperatures range from Mid 70s to high 90s Fahrenheit. The cooler, drier season go from May to October with temperatures that range from Mid 50s to high 70s Fahrenheit. The climate of the Southern area of the island maintains its freezing temperatures that ranges from low 10s to high 20s throughout the twelve months of the year.


Herland has been inhabited by females since its discovery. With six hundred thousand residents to this date that cultural value continues. Every resident of the island goes through the stage known as “Recreation”. Women between the ages of 18 and 28 are sent for 6 days once every year to see the outside world. Some of the residents return to the island and some stay in the outside world. According to the number of resident on the island has been increasing drastically as most females are coming back to the island pregnant. Known for its only females’ residents, on its early days residents who gave birth to males were sacrificed to the gods as a way to prevent natural disasters and a better season. After the International Human Rights, if a residents gives birth to a male, she has the option to leave the island or turn in the child to an adoption agency.  its discovery new born males were sacrificed to their Gods in return for a better season. Now day’s new born males are adopted by families from all over the world. 


The national language of Herland is English, but has adopted throughout the years dialects such as Maya, Tagalog, Quechua and others. There exist numerous local variations of English, all which are elements of Spanish, French and Italian.