Hermes the hedgehog was best known for healing illnesses and diseases all around the world. He was first discovered in Africa by a woman in dire need of a cure for her respiratory illness. It is said that the woman picked up the hedgehog and it accidentally licked her. Soon after the hedgehog licked her, she noticed that she could breathe without any complications. She truly believed that the hedgehog cured her and wanted to share the news with other people. Lick after lick, the hedgehog cured over 1,000 people in Africa. The woman decided to give him the name of Hermes and was later known as “Hermes the Healing Hedgehog”.

Legend has it that Hermes eventually travelled around the world to cure even more people. Hermes cured all types of illnesses and diseases, from the flu to diabetes. Doctors could not believe that a hedgehog was curing people by the masses, meanwhile they were struggling to find the cure to many diseases. Hermes was taken to a laboratory and scientists were analyzing his saliva and its power to cure people. After running a lot of tests, they could not figure out Hermes’ secret. Hermes continued with his journey and cured more people in Canada, Europe, China, and Australia.

Soon after Hermes’ journey, he passed away. It was a shock to the people he had cured. “I was on the verge of dying and I am so grateful that Hermes cured me. May he rest in peace,” a meningitis survivor commented. The people of Africa built a statue to remember Hermes and his power of curing people all over the world. Up to this day, Hermes’ statue is one of the most visited statues in the world.

Lesly Mendoza

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