Hidden in the hills of the town of San Jose in California, there is a road that many do not wander on for fear of the family that lives in the hills overlooking the road. Locals will take even the longest of routes to avoid this particular road because of the sinister facts associated with this road. There is a family lives in the hills of Hicks road that is known of being wary of visitors. Many have seen and claim that this family is full of Satan worshiping albinos that watch over the road and do not like to see people passing through. Numerous reported incidents of encounters with this family have been told with many describing a man in a truck that comes and chases away any person that comes on the road late at night.  One man has recounted a particular incident where he was driving through the hills late at night and was then almost rammed by a truck, when looking over he claims to have seen a man with snow white skin and bright red eyes.

Even today it is a popular spot for people to drive through at night to test their luck and see whether they will be visited by the man in the truck. Though many are still wary as the family has made it clear, they do not like visitors.