Deriving from another slang word, "Hip", meaning fashionably current, like knowing what is "in". Hipsters are classified as a subculture that younger men and women, normally around the ages of 20 - 30. They value the idea of being original in almost every aspect; such as art and music. You can normally distinguish a hipster based on the way they are dressed. Most hipsters have caught on the trend of thrifting and wear clothes they find to be vintage. If they are not getting their clothes from a thrift store, other popular stores that sell clothes that suit the hipster style are American Apparel and Urban Outfitter. They also wear shoes that are old fashion as well as skinny jeans. Occasionally some of them will even wear thick framed or retro-styled glasses, whether they are prescription glasses or not. Not only do they avoid from wearing the mainstream and trendy styled clothes, they also also go to urban places to get their hair cut. They avoid haircuts that make them look more "modern", but instead a more shaggy appearance. A lot of hipsters also decorate their house in a similar way, DIY ( do it yourself) house decors, which allow them to fully express their creativity. Some of them would also like to include mason jars, vintage records, to add on to the effect while decorating their house. Mason jars have been really popular because they are so versatile, being used as cups, vases, and other things. Overall, Hipsters tend to reject the idea of being a mainstream consumer, as well as the culturally ignorant people. Hipsters are often very well educated in subjects such as philosophy, math, science, and liberal arts. Lots of hipsters can be found riding around on their fixed geared bicycles. When trying to spot a hipster, some common places to look would be at used book stores, or small coffee shops. They would not normally be found in popular chain coffee shops such as Starbucks. Most hipsters have occupations in the music, art, or fashion industry; all of which require creative analytical thinking abilities. Ironically enough, as main stream as hipsters try to be, their subculture has slowly grown into a trend over the last few years.

Leslie T.