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Hiroki Jose Julio Nakamura Gonzales del Diablo Edit

            Hiroki Jose Julio Nakamura Gonzales del Diablo is an active Major League Baseball player who was born in the Dominican Republic and is half Japanese and half Dominican. He was born on July 29, 1993 and is the youngest player in Major League history to enter the League at age 17 in 2010. Del Diablo plays left field and stands tall at 6’5” and weighs 250 lbs., being the tallest and heaviest left fielder in the league. Del Diablo signed a minor league deal with the Baltimore Orioles in 2009 at age 16, and was called up in 2010 to play left field for the Orioles.

He has proved himself to be a 5-tool player in the league, meaning he can hit for a high batting average, hit for power, run for speed, field the ball perfectly, and throw the ball strong and accurately.

            In his first season in the majors with the Orioles, he hit a Major League record of 75 home runs, beating out the previous record held with Mark McGuire with Oakland in 1987 with 49 ( and had 190 RBIs. He also stole 50 bases, becoming the first rookie to join the 50/50 club, hitting at least 50 home runs and stealing 50 bases.

            Del Diablos batting average in 2010 was a league leading .350 with a .652 On Base Percentage. He was the first rookie every to be a Triple Crown winner, leading the American League in batting average, home runs and runs batted in.


-Shaneal Singh