Historia is a recent discovery, it was first heard of in 2011. In 2013 it was discovered as an actual place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  This country has four major towns’ prehistory, Middle Ages, Early Modern Period, and Modern era. With a population of 780,345 it still continues to grow, as more and more is added on every 5 years. This discovery came to light when historian Gregory Thomas claimed there was a place to see all history’s past. He recently received his masters in history concentrating in the middle ages. He applied to his dream job at Harvard, but when he was rejected he was outraged and he decided to reveal Historia to the world.  Historia is resident to all of history’s major people and events. On every street there is a specific event happening over and over on a loop. Historia holds the history of every country in the world.  The streets within each town goes in order by what date the event occurred. Each street name is named after the particular event and on the ground before entering the street it lets you know the specific date something happened. It also has a clock on a lamp post at the corner of every street to let one know the time of day it is on each street.  Historia is also a dangerous place. Some Historians don’t make out alive. Some have stepped into the wrong street at the wrong time and have been caught in open fire. Only history majors have had the privilege to go to Historia as part of their learning process. It was kept secret until now.