History of the Two Most Determined men

Once upon a time, there was a contest at San Jose State University. The contest was about who could hold their fist up the longest. A lot of people applied for the contest because the winner of the contest would have the title, “the greatest man in the United States of America,” and receive a lot of wealth and fame. It was a beautiful day in fall. Ten thousand competitors showed up for the contest. They all came from different backgrounds and different states in the United States. Ten thousand competitors split into group of one hundred. Each group had their own proctors. The contest also broadcasted live on television. So, all the competitors put their right or left fist straight up in the sky and held in there. The competitor would get disqualified if he or she dropped his or her fist. Three day had passed; two of the ten thousand competitors were the last men standing. Their names were John Doe and Pretty Ricky. None of them wanted to surrender and let the other one won. Thus, they stood there with their fists up until they turned into statues. Finally, the contest ended with no winner. Because the contest was so dangerous, the government banned it after the incident.

Until now, John Doe and Pretty Ricky’s statues are still standing in the middle of San Jose States University. All the students can pass by and see two most determined men. None of them wanted to give up. Even though, they didn’t win the contest, they still leave their name in history and every student at San Jose States University is talking about them.