The origin of the world’s first kiss previously consisted of two schools of thought. A group of anthropologists at Youngsterson Town University, cited that kissing was instinctive – another concluded it evolved a result from “mouth feeding” as hence devolved in adolescence – but recent discoveries disproves both postulates. For the first time in over 900 years an ancient bible, found in the catacombs of St. Johns protestant church, reveal an alternate story of genesis and much more. Due to the age of the artifact most of the pages are unreadable even with modern day technology. The bible is constructed in a traditional fashion and bound by the hilt of a broadsword and twine. It is speculated a great battle was fought over the contents of this book, due to the Templar engravings ceiling the vault. Currently only one passage from the bibles story of Adam and Eve can be made out, it’s alternate history proposes that in fact Eve did not eat Gods forbidden fruit – from a translation error, in fact the tree in the center of the Garden was their only source of food – not forbidden, hence the fruit was not a fruit at all but it was love. A quotation from this new St. Johns bible unequivocally shows the history of the first kiss was nothing any of us would have expected “And the serpent struck at Adam as he reached to retrieve the days plenty. He fell from the tree and lay there lifeless. Eve came running to him, knowing what the serpent had done, she pressed her lips against his extruding the poison from his veins”