Hobnes Demonface (32 September, 1608 – 30 February 1638) was born to famous prime minister Ricker Demonface and his wife Ingel Angel in Bickerbacker, a tiny province just North of Diela’s summer capital city of Alembi. From his day of birth it was decided that he would follow in his father’s footsteps and govern the people of his country. Like anyone from the royal family of Diela, he attended a special schoolhouse for boys, where he learnt Diplomacium, a language founded in Diela and spoken only by those from families in Politics. He also learnt Braccent, an ancient fighting form first used by the Gods of Didderdum, Diela’s oldest and fastest growing religion.

Upon his departure from the school, Demonface announced publically that he would not be foraying into politics, but jellyfish farming, which at the time was gaining lucrative business in Diela. This day brought doom to many, embarrassment to his dear ones, and gave birth to Diela’s most celebrated holiday, Curse the Jellyfish Day, which is still widely celebrated to this day.

A few years after his announcement, Hobnes’ whereabouts were a mystery to even his family. Rumors circulated that he had disrespected the jellyfish and was killed by them while he was holidaying in Gilgimer, but were put to rest after the bombings of Diela which unraveled a truth that shook the nation.

It became evident that during the time Demonface disappeared from view, he was training an army of jellyfish to sting everyone in Diela, including his family, so that he could seize the country for himself. Letters of exchange between him and the talking head of jellyfish were leaked, revealing his barbarous plans even before they could commence. The Demonface manor was bombed, sending his innocent family into hiding.

Hobnes was packing to flee the country when he encountered jellyfish from the Jellyfish Liberation Congregation who were ashamed their kind was being bribed to kill. (It was rumored that he offered them an unlimited supply of zooplankton to satisfy their ravenous appetite.) They stung him exactly 1943058 times when he was declared dead.

Demonface manor, now a tourist destination, is said to be haunted by Hobnes’ ghost. Clairvoyants who have visited insist they saw and heard his ghost whisper ‘curse you jellyfish’ on Curse the Jellyfish day, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Anita Ponnathpore