The Holographic Venus Flytrap is a species of carnivorous plant native to the wet rainforests of the Amazon. The Holographic Venus Flytrap or Holoaea muscipula is closely related to its normal colored counterpart (Dionaea muscipula), but differs in terms of size, color, environment and scope of prey. The Holographic Venus Flytrap is known to grow upwards to 10 feet in length and preys on a variety of creatures ranging from small insects to larger animals. The Holographic Venus Flytrap produces a sap with an intense sweet smell on its leaves; this sap is also incredibly adhesive and is used by the Holographic Venus Flytrap to trap its prey.

The Holographic Venus Flytrap traps small insects with its sap but does not close its leaves until a larger animal is in its grasp. The Holographic Venus Flytrap uses the insects caught in its sap as bait to attract larger animals which are then in turn used again as bait to catch even larger animals.

The first known modern description  of the Holographic Venus Flytrap was recorded by Morgan Freeman’s great-grandmother, Megan Freeman. Freeman encountered the large plant on an expedition through the Amazon rainforest where she encountered the plant trapping a large pig between its leaves. She recorded an entry in her journal and presented a sketch and description to the United Nations. The United Nations set out to verify her discovery but all search teams set forth to investigate the plant have gone missing and have never returned. After sending out numerous parties totaling roughly 200 individuals (all of whom would eventually go missing) the United Nations eventually stopped receiving volunteers that were willing to seek out the plant.