The Holovispole was installed at San Jose State University in the year of 2022. Due to the increase of earthquakes and tsunamis’, Ying Lee invented the holographic pole to update students on the current status of the increasing disasters occurring in the bay area. This was in hopes that all students attending the University would be well informed with what was occurring around them.

Background to how the Holovispole was invented

In 2019, there was a fire on the walls of the tower building at San Jose State University due to unusual high temperatures. The vines surrounding the walls had dried up due to the drought in the Bay Area. The vines caught fire one summer due to the low humility and dry whether combined with the never before high temperatures. Unfortunately, due to the unexpected fire, 17 students passed away and 32 were injured. Because of these events, Ying decided that the school needed a better way of informing the students of the whether conditions. This is how she came up with the invention of the Holovispole. She decided that they would project the hologram on the walls of the tower building as a memorial for the lives that were taken. The walls made a great empty canvas for the holograms because there was permanent black residue left over from the fire. What Ying didn’t expect was the impact and necessity that the Holovispole would have on the students because of the increase of natural disaster beginning in 2021.