This is where holy water story comes to San Jose State University. In 1970, there used to have water fountain that shoot up 20 feet above the ground to create a beautiful scenic and godlike fountain. They thought it was invented by some machines or new technology in the underground, so people dug it up to speculate the area. However, there was no signs of water or machine that created this phenomenon. It was purely pumped up by the magic and unresolved reasons. They dug the underground several times to see what is really making water. Afterward in 1982, the water suddenly disappeared, and it ran out of every single drop of water. In the past, every time a student put a drop on their forehead. They have power to lift anything or memorize excellently. They just became smarter after placing a drop of water on their forehead. I believe this is a godlike fountain that was created by god to help students who believe in holy and myth. It became a well-known water fountain in San Jose State University. Some people created gate statue with image of famous people next to the holy fountain to make it beautiful and important. Every weeks, hundreds of students dine next the holy water to see different aspects of it. Students in San Jose State University want to learn what is really behind the phenomenon events that happened in the past, which stopped the water in the water fountain. Today, many people still arrive at San Jose State University to learn and speculate the holy fountain.