The Honalua flower is one of those urban legends you hear in stories passed down generation to generation. The flower was known to be last seen growing on the tropical islands of Hawaii around the early 1800’s but hasn’t been seen since making people believe that the flower may be extinct or there are very few left in the wild.


People have been in search of this flower, but no one has had the luck of coming across its presence. The flower itself is a beautiful piece of nature. It is a white flower with green striped marking on its flower petals as if it were almost fluorescent. It has a close resemblance to the Hibiscus flower. The flower grows well in tropical areas yet has not been discovered on any other part of the world.



The Honalua flower is a rare flower of mystical healing powers that were unexplainable to scientific studies long ago. It is believed to have natural cell bodies in the plant that fights off any diseases that it comes across, giving it a chance to live a longer life unless killed by natural forces like fire. To gain it mystical powers, once picked from the ground, you can either ingest the plant by smashing it extracting its natural juices and turning it into a tea, or simply eating the flower itself. However, it is not suggested because it is bitter and not all parts of the flower contain the nectar necessary for the healing power. It is though to be located in the stems of the plant and not the flower petals. It was used to help cure a man’s infection on his leg as he was working in a field and cut himself leaving it untreated. The Honalua flower’s healing powers can be of great value and importance in the medical fields.