Honey Doo is believed to be regarded as one of the most intelligent individuals of her generation. Due to her introverted personality, she is believed to have done extensive work in behavioral psychology where she resides in Silicon Valley of sunny California. 


Without an official birth certificate, many believe she was born on May 2, 2005 in Saratoga, California. Her mother, Maribel, is a Chihuahua who’s family originated from Mexico, and her father, Oliver, is a terrier who’s family line dates back to the early 1700’s in Great Britain and Ireland and are believed to have served King George III, by patrolling his grounds from unwanted intruders, including rats and rabbits. Many believe Honey’s sense of loyalty comes from her mother’s side of the family, while she inherited her father’s fearlessness and intelligence.


She was born with an astonishingly elevated sense of hearing and sound and has been believed to have heard the microwave ready bell from as far as 50 feet away. She has allegedly mastered the art of begging in five languages and dedicated her life to the study of human pleasing. Her interest in this field of work was supposedly inspired from the work of Sigmund Freud and Calvin S. Hall, spending a great deal of time studying dreams. She has been described as spending up to an astounding 12 hours a day in the lab, focusing on sleeping patterns and experimenting with various sleeping positions. On the contrary, many say that Honey has dedicated most of her life to her true passion, the works of Ivan Pavlov and his theory of classical conditioning. It is rumored that Honey has spent the past nine years studying human behavior and has voluntarily resided with her two subjects to gain a closer and better understanding of human behavior.  Following the framework set forth by Pavlov, Honey is believed to be working on developing several scenarios in which the same desired behavior can be elicited with various stimuli. For example, placing her stomach on the ground or using her hand to touch her subject’s hand would result in the subject bringing her a food item. Although unconfirmed, Honey experiment in working on expanded the variety of stimuli would all still result in the same desired reaction: receipt of a food item. This groundbreaking development is believed to be published at the end of 2014 and Honey is expected to earn a Nobel Beef Prize for her contributions to the study of Human Behavior.

Huyen Vuong