Hoodie Ninjas by HuoXingC

Hoodie Ninjas by HuoXingC

A Hoodie Ninja [hʊd'ē nĭn'jə] is a ninja that wears a hooded, pullover sweatshirt as opposed to the traditional black body suit. Black masks, made of breathable fibers, are worn from nose down and eyebrows up to conceal the hoodie ninja’s identity and to absorb sweat and blood during rigorous activities.[1]

Like their feudal Japanese predecessors, hoodie ninjas of the Hoodie Dojo[2] are highly skilled agents deployed worldwide to fulfill missions[3] which vary from espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and open combat. Prior to entry to the Hoodie Dojo, prospective students must demonstrate good moral character and discipline. Since the Hoodie Dojo is the permanent home of the hoodie ninjas, they devote their lives to their cause until they retire. Under Hoodie Sensei’s[4] mentorship, each hoodie ninja is trained differently according to their strengths and weaknesses. Their training regimens include martial arts[5], meditation, and basic survival skills. In addition, hoodie ninjas attend schools and participate in extracurricular activities outside of the Hoodie Dojo to fulfill their state-mandated formal education. While they dress and behave as civilians during school and extracurricular activities, the hoodie ninjas keep their uniforms in their possession at all times to prepare for on call duties.

The top students of the Hoodie Dojo are recognized by Hoodie Sensei and consequently serve the missionary team[6]. Each member wears a different colored sweatshirt , while the rest of the hoodie ninjas are standardized with white sweatshirts. Positions of the team members are often switched around, and thus, their colored sweatshirts are often switched around as well.


[2] Hoodie Dojo: a sect of ninjitsu that emphasizes the promotion of harmony and restoration of world order.

[3] No assassinations have ever been assigned or performed in the history of the hoodie ninjas.

[4] Hoodie Sensei: often featured in a black hooded robe; the hoodie ninja leader of the Hoodie Dojo who has completed all levels of hoodie ninjitsu training.

[5] Different styles of traditional and contemporary Chinese martial arts are taught at Hoodie Sensei’s discretion.

[6] Missionary team: the eight active members assigned large missions.