Hotel Canopy is located in Venice, CA and was first built in 1999. This hotel recently went under renovation, and is now one of the Top 5 hotels in California. This hotel has a maximum occupancy of 1,500 people, and is over 100 stories high. It is located half a mile away from Venice Beach, and two miles from Santa Monica Pier.

Hotel Canopy is well known for its lavish rooms. You have the option of booking a room that overlooks Venice Beach with a balcony that is over 400 square feet. Each room has a Jacuzzi bathtub, fireplace, and a full kitchen.

On the main floor, there is a convenient store, an arcade room, as well as a bowling alley. This hotel has a movie theater that plays all the current movies throughout the day. For the kids, there is a kid’s playroom where they have the opportunity to do many activities. Some of these activities involve rock-climbing, jump houses, finger painting, and a sandbox.  

A grand ballroom is located just behind the main hotel where you can host any type of event. Many reserve this space for their wedding reception or birthday parties. Hotel Canopy will provide catering and a DJ, if requested by the customer.

Hotel Canopy stays booked throughout the year, and many enjoy the excellent customer services provided from the crew. Each employee is committed to excellent service and makes sure each customer is well taken care of at all times.