No Tech Hoverboard

A Hover board is a levitating board that has gained massive popularity and success due to its efficient style of transportation.  Originating from films such as Back to the Future, the Hover board sparked a revolution in the transportation sector after its creation in 2014.  There are different variations of hover boards that vary with price and difficulty to ride.  One of the most successful companies to manufacture and market Hover boards is HUVr, a Silicon Valley startup that has gained massive admiration and criticism.  Since the launch of Hover boards, motor vehicle accidents increased by 10% due to improper use and lack of road laws. 

While hover boards vary in size, the most common measurements of a hover board are 5 feet in length and 2 feet in width.  In most companies, customizing a hover board outside of these dimensions brings additional costs as well as unstable performance.

With the creation of the hover board came new sports.  Currently, hover board sports are replicating the same sport format as skateboarding.  Pro skateboarder and hover boarder Tony Hawk states that, “Hovering feels like skateboarding in its purest form…”  The similarity between skateboarding and hover boarding sparked a rivalry between the two styles. 

One of the biggest investors in the development of the Hover board technology is Mark Cuban.  After investing over 5 million dollars in the company HUVr, Cuban states that, “I’ve never been so excited for a product I’ve invested in.”  Confidence in Hover board technology brought other large entrepreneurs such as Bill Gate and Warren Buffet to invest in other hover board startups.  Currently, only five companies have the rights and the legal prerequisites to mass produce hover boards


Andrew Vu