Expert journalists Ally Fellows and Samantha Tseng went on an expedition to disocver the truth behind the TV show How I Met Your Mother. Rumors are flying around, speculating that the show is based on true events. After days of travelling the globe, the experts found a small down located near the outskirts of New Jersey. Upon extensive interviews and questioning, the experts concluded that How I Met Your Mother is actually based on true events. However, these events are darker than what was shown on television. To ensure privacy, the names of the people who "How I Met Your Mother" was based off of will remain confidential, and will instead continue to use the names of the television characters.

The first interview conducted was with the family of the main character. Ted, In the television show, the story covers the relationships that Ted and his friends had before he finally met his late wife, hence "How I Met Your Mother." Throughout the series, Ted jumps from girlfriend to girlfriend because he is in search for "the one." This much is accurate. However, the reason he had to go through so many failed relationships was actually because of the original's social anxiety that either scared away the girl, or caused him to become overly paranoid over every little thing. The journalists discovered this through asking Ted's family line and looking at their medical records, discovering that the children and grandchildren of Ted have also shared similar mental disabilities.

The loveable, popular, and comedic Barney Stinson was that for a reason. A simple experiment, with the town's citizens' consent, was conducted, and 20% of the town's population of 695,034 were proven to be related to Barney. Why? Because he was actually a gigolo. The television show gave viewers a glimps of Barney's active sex life, but even that was toned down compared to the original story. After inquiring about the DNA test results, the journalists discovered that Barney was very well sought out for his services, by both lonely single and married women alike. The result of his popularity and dislike for condoms led to him fathering many of the next generation.

Now society knows the truth behind the hit show. Ally and Samantha plan on taking many more trips to solve the mysteries of the world.