If you go to San Jose State University’s campus you will see a statue of two of the greatest boxers ever. The monument is in memory of John Clark and Manuel Jose. It was one of the biggest and longest fights in boxing history. It reached a record breaking thirty-two rounds. Also had the highest attendance of any sport to this date. The fight happened in the middle of what is now known as San Jose State University in a gym that students now refer to as Clark Hall named after the winner of the extremely long and brutal fight. Clark and Jose both had incredible endurance and there was no limit to the amount of rounds during this match. Both of the fighters were extremely pro-education. So after the fight ended, the winner- John Clark - used a lot of the money he won to help build a school in the same place the historic thirty-two round fight took place. He started by repurposing the very gym he fought in into a building full of classrooms where students could learn. Although Manuel Jose was upset about the loss, he respected what Clark was trying to do so he decided to help him build a positive learning environment. In the end Jose donated three times the amount Clark did which helped complete the construction of the school in less than two years. Clark had originally planned on naming the school John Clark University, but Manuel reminded Clark that this couldn’t have been completed without his donations. Manuel decided the school name would be San Jose State University. Some saw this move as Manuels way of feeling victorious after the heavy loss he took at the hands of Clark. But in the end, he provided thousands of students with the opportunity of higher learning, so no one argued with him about it.