How Stone Cold Steve Austin Invented Beer

In the year 1997, Stone Cold Steve Austin was fighting against Vince Mcmahon. Austin

Ended up giving Mcmahon his signature “Stone Cold Stunner” before getting up, parched Austin decided that he was thirsty but did not want to have water or gatorade or anything of the sort. As documented in recordings, Austin asked if there was anything he can have to relax, a drink to have to help him get through the pain of any fight he was in. That is when Austin realized that there was no such drink. Austin talked to the world renowned scientist Bill Nye. Austin presented the idea to Bill Nye, and through countless hours the two spent countless nights trying to perfect the drink that Austin had in his head. One day, Austin was drinking the concoctions the two have made every night. That is when he finally found something he liked, Austin looked at Nye and said “This some good beer” To which Nye replied “Hell yeah”.

As the words echoed through Austins head, he decided to name the beverage “beer”. It is still unknown why he decided to call it this drink. After inventing the new formula, Austin wanted to test it out. That is when he made his return in the 1999 Royal Rumble. Austin came hitting hard after having his new formula, with a new catch phrase to boot. After Austin threw the last man out of the ring, Austin goes up and drinks his beer, to which he yells to the stadium watching “Gimme a hell yeah” to which the entire crowd replied “hell yeah. Austin then gave his formula to the crowd, which was to everyone's delight.