Gentlemen and/or ladies are you feeling like things aren’t the same in your relationship anymore as they were in the beginning? Well that’s because they are not the same! People change and so do relationship but the key to a great relationship is to have great communication, compromise, love, and trust, and respect. Here are some tips for gentlemen as well as ladies to keep the flame going in their relationship.

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First of all the first thing you should do is go to a store and buy flowers. Why buy flowers you might ask? You should buy flowers for your girlfriend because girls like flowers and it would put a smile on her face. Second if you need to apologize for stuff you’ve said and done you should do so to smooth things over with your girlfriend, no one likes a mad girlfriend it makes life more stressful. Once your girlfriend sees that you have gotten her flowers and apologized to her she will question your actions and you just simply say you are doing it because you love her. Women love when men or in cases women also admit their mistakes or things the girlfriend doesn’t like.

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To keep your girlfriend you also must fight for her girlfriends love to see their partner fight for them, it makes women feel secure that they are always safe.  In order to keep your girlfriend you must respect her needs. Be a man around her the man she needs because not all women are the same and some women like different things. Treat your girlfriend as if she was your mother would you want someone disrespecting your mother. The last thing to keep a girlfriend is to have trust in the relationship if there is no trust there isn’t a relationship, it is just too hard to do.

Now that you how to keep you girlfriend in the areas of love, respect, trust, communication and compromise you should have no problem trying to keep your girlfriend. Or just do what she says!

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Jacqueline Zepeda