Various Orchid Varieties

Howling Orchid

Orchids come in thousands of documented varieties, from the specimens found in flower shops, to those from which vanilla extract is made. The elusive and mysterious Howling Orchid however, has yet to be studied. Unlike its floral “cousins,” nothing is known of the Howling Orchid, or its whereabouts. Because orchids require specific conditions to thrive in the wild, and have adapted to only grow in certain portions of the earth’s climes, it is not inconceivable that the Howling Orchid would also require its own specific conditions. Highly adapted plant species are known to only exist in remote locations, such as atop jungle trees, along shaded mountainsides, or hundreds of feet within caves. Because no evidence of the Howling Orchid can be found amongst the ruins of the world’s ancient civilizations, botanists are left only to speculate as to where this flower might be located. Many ancient cultures, such as China, have used herbs for medical or ritual purposes, and it stands to reason that the Howling Orchid might be one of them. Some herbs are even used for spiritual or ritualistic purposes because they induce hallucinogenic effects. Peyote, for example, was and still is used by Native American cultures in the Southwest for religious ceremonies. The Howling Orchid may have been used for a similar purpose. The ways of many ancient cultures around the world have been lost to war, conquest, or by changes brought on by time itself, and the Howling Orchid might be no exception. We may never know the location of the Howling Orchid, or whether it even exists, but perhaps one day we will find the answers to questions such as these.

Authored by Dylan C (by proxy) - Comm100W Lawhorne