In 1948, a baby was found in the freezing mountains of Michoacan, Mexico. He was found naked and laying down in a pile of snow. Rescuers quickly rushed the baby to the nearest hospital. Shockingly, The baby was very healthy and did not suffer from any disease despite his abnormally low body temperature. Doctors Could not believe what they were seeing and news quickly spread around the world. Mari Johnson from the Stanford Research Institution became intrigued with the case and requested the child be brought to Stanford for further research. After several denied requests, the baby was finally brought to Stanford. Researchers conducted several different tests on the boy and were amazed at the results. He had rare disease called Iambeastitisis. He had large amounts of lead flowing throughout his body and had congenital Insensitivity to Pain.

As several years passed, The kid began to show signs of extreme intelligence. He could read, write and talk in seven different languages although not being taught once. He had the mindset of a warrior and recovered quickly from any injuries. The boy had magnificent powers including the power to influence the citizens. He began to fight back to a government he believed was influenced by racist individuals. President Franklin Roosevelt and his cabinet saw this as a threat. One day,  he vanished and was never seen again. Rumor has it that the government got rid of his body before he had a chance to take over. Others believe he was Jesus Christ.