Huma is the second planet inhabited by humans. Huma is one of twenty planets in its solar system that is part of the Milky Way galaxy. Huma is different than other planets in that it is cube shaped. Huma’s gravitational force is also about one-third that of Earth. It revolves around its sun every 700 days, making its year almost twice as long as that on Earth. Huma is approximately two million light years away and is accessible through the Creshin wormhole.

Huma is also inhabited by various aliens that are still unknown. There have been reports of dog-like creatures that howl at night. Huma’s only known vegetation is a thick, orange, grass-like plant that has been reported to taste like chocolate.

Huma is the only planet in its solar system that has a solid surface and an atmosphere similar to Earth. Because of Huma’s unique shape and weak gravitational force, it is possible to literally jump off the edge of the planet if given enough force. Huma revolves around its sun in a perfect rotation with no variation, which gives each one of Huma’s six planes a unique weather and climate system that never changes.

It was first discovered by astronomer Joshua Greenleafe in 1992. The first man to step on the surface was astronaut Ronnie Schrader on December 2nd, 1997. Since that time 900 people have gone to Huma to start the first human colony on the planet. Currently the first schools are being constructed for future generations.

Omar Perez