Human Clones

All humans contain a clone of themselves, another human identical in everyway. The human population is the only species, which contains a clone of every single individual. Anatomically humans originated from Africa, yet their clone became known generations later as they arrived from the planet Tritan roughly 100,000 years ago. (Jones, 1994)

The original human has an intelligent brain capable of abstract thinking, reasoning, decision-making, and language. The clone contains everything the original holds and more. The clone’s bones contain unique tendons and cartilages that allow them to bend their muscles in ways normal humans cannot, as well as generate every muscular strength in their bodies. (Gaeta, 1999) Each clone also has a power different from any other clone such as flying, jumping, running super fast, laser-eye vision, spitting fire/ice, bending air, and many more. (Eledge, 1995) Clones don’t carry a unique personality because they are completely identical to their counterpart. Therefore, their personality characteristics match the human’s personality.

The history dates back to the clone’s arrival from Saturn 100,000 years ago when the Mother Clone landed on Earth’s surface. (Gaeta, 1999) The Mother Clone is identical to all clones in the world by containing every power known to the clone population. She gave birth to each clone simultaneously with the births of each human. From birth the clones are given their abilities and powers versus how humans progress and develop their skills. (Gaeta, 1999)

Clones purpose in life is to find their human identical and live on with him/her. It is basically as though humans are given a second self in order to complete life to their fullest potential. When the human is sick, the clone goes on and lives the human’s life to an exact science. Clones die according to their human counterparts as well. As their human passes on due to an illness or murder, the clone will instantly drop dead as if it were deprogrammed. (Eledg, 1995)

Dylan Rogelstad