Mermaids are rumored to live in the ocean along with many other sea creatures. They are believed to have long beautiful fish like tails instead of legs. However they are rumored to an upper body like humans with arms and heads like ours. Mermaids are rumored to be half human half fish. They are able to live in the ocean with other sea creatures just like if they were fish. Mermaids are rumored to be able to go above water a

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nd breath like humans do. They are not able to walk on land due to having long beautiful fish like tails, which is their lowered body. Mermaids are rumored to be either good creatures or evil. They can mean humans hard or they can be caring towards humans. They live underwater in kingdoms among other mermaids. Mermaids are rumored to live long lives healthy lives. They reach the middle age in life and sta

y that way. They don’t age to be any older then 40. They stay young and beautiful forever. They are rumored to have long beautiful hair that glows in the water. Mermaids are rumored to eat other small fish as they have never been on land and able to try human food.

Sheila Aguillon