On October 7,1977 a category four cyclone hit Bogra, Bangledesh. This storm was called Hurricane Tommy and caused over 100,000 deaths. A week prior meteorologists gave a warning on NBC channel wearer news about the hurricane coming towards Bangledesh. Not everyone was able to leave the city in such a short amount of time though. With winds blowing at 135 miles per hour homes were destroyed and treasured possessions got caught by the wind. Families grieved as their treasured items and loved ones died or went missing. A flood occurred within the city of Bogra causing the loss of electricity. Hurricane Tommy was recorded as the largest cyclone ever to hit Bangledesh. People who were unable to find safety or leave when the hurricane warning was issued held on to dear life. They struggled to find access to food, clothes, shelter, and clean water. Victims got too cold at night not having adequate clothing, blankets, or shelter to keep them warm. A helicopter flew around trying to find survivors underneath the debris as buildings crashed. Not everyone underneath the debris was able to be found though because they were hidden very deep.

This hurricane triggered rainstorms and mudslides. If people did not have a wind – resistant umbrella the rain would cause illness without the proper shelter. The mudslide only lasted two hours so there was very little damage. Over in the United States schools across the county had fundraisers to raise money to help the victims of Hurricane Tommy. All together they raised $100,000. This money was used to reconstruct and rebuild the town. Hurricane Tommy lasted three days and ended on October 10, 1977. 

Written by Megan Nguyen