The Huvian

A few villages only knew the existence of this creature, because only one has ever existed. Years ago when Dragons roamed the earth a creature that only dragons feared walked the same earth, a Huvian. The villagers named this half human, half bird creature a Huvian, because he was half human and they named it after aviation since he could fly. Thus, the villagers combined the two words to get Huvian. A Huvian stood six feet tall with a wingspan of twelve feet wide. Its eyes were the color of deep blue ocean water, with a pupil that was translucent giving him nighttime vision to guard himself from the dragons. A Huvian only came out during the day which is why its feathers were translucent so his feathers blended in the air while he was gliding, making him invisible to his only enemy, the dragon. At night dragons could spot the Huvian because his feathers glowed a beautiful radiant color. Huvians have magicial skin made out of asbestos so, when the dragon breathes on the Huvian the fire doesn’t burn its skin. The village people used to always feed the Huvian keeping him constantly in the best of shape. The Huvian could only communicate with the Villagers in its human form. Only when the Huvian returned to its human form were the villagers able to heal its wounds inflicted on by the dragon. In return, the Huvian would protect the villagers from the dragons.

Huvian is their protector.

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