Statistics show that 98% of people asked in 2003, had no clue what the Apple iCinch was.  A 2014 study confirms the statistics found in 2003, but also proves that 90% of Apple consumers do not know of Kaleb Reyes.  Straight from Apple’s 2009 product magazine, it says, “Kaleb Reyes is one of our top Product Design Engineers and one of our original hipsters.”  The correlation between Kaleb Reyes and the iCinch is, the creator and the creation. 

Kaleb Reyes was born in Tacoma, Washington in 1982.  Him and his family moved to Monterey, California shortly after his birth, because his father obtained a job as a Lead Software Engineer for Apple.  Reyes spent most of his life in Monterey Bay until he attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he studied Mechanical Engineering.

The iCinch is the part of Apple’s headphones that allow the user to connect the right and left headphone wires.  It completely encloses around and is located on the left headphone wire, and has an open rubber slit that can attach to the right headphone wire.  According to Muscle & Fitness Magazine, “it is the most underused but most useful product design that Apple has ever invented.”  The idea came from Kaleb’s teenage years when he would be listening to music and his friends would jokingly yank the chord to pull the ear bud out of his ears.  In high school he would use a piece of yarn to tie the wires together just under his chin.  “Since the headphones were tucked under my shirt and the yarn kept the rest of the exposed wires close to my face, my friends had nothing to snag to rip the ear bud out.” (Reyes, Teen Vogue, 2010).