From the bulky looking iPods to the slim iPhone 5, apple has really taken over our generation, and their creativity seems to be really working for them. iDance, the latest piece of technology which was released on September 9, 2030, has become one of the fastest and most popular selling phones in the world.

            iDance is a device that works as a cellular device when need be, and transforms into a radio that dances to the sound of music, when played through it. This new piece of technology comes with a particular case in order to prevent it from any damages when boogying. It grooves to the beat of the music playing and can be used at many different occasions.

            A few of its best features are that the device can recognize any song you might want it to play, and also saves music directly on your phone upon request. The iDance is now available all around the world, and with just a few of these great features listed it has been recorded as the world’s number one seller.

            This device has many positives to it as it prevents people from texting and driving, by disabling the texting feature when music is playing. It also prevents texting when socializing, as the device is usually in use during social gatherings. As this is the latest device made by apple, it will be interesting to see what else they might have in store for us as time goes on.

Payal Makhijani