iFone 9

‘This changes everything. Again.’ Apple’s newest iteration of the Iphone 4s and the iPad3 is the most wanted smartphone-tablet out today. Introducing the all-new iFone 9, Apple has upgraded to a huge 5.5-inch bright screen, which is a whole inch bigger than the previous generation. Streaming NetFlix and YouTube on the 1280x720 pixel resolution is simply an amazing experience.

The iFone 9 is capable of 3D capture and playback for pictures and videos. NetFlix has many movies and shows that are 3D ready and can and be viewed in 3D on the iFone 9. The 19.4 MP 3D camera is remarkable. The pictures are viewable in 3D without any special 3D viewing glasses and can be shared instantly on any 3D ready device.

The iFone 9 is powered by a quintuple-core 3.4GHz processor and runs the latest OS9.1 software. This device is super responsive and runs faster than any device on the market.

With a major improvement to the screen and processor, engineers at Apple have also upgraded the battery from 3100 mAh to an incredible 5300 mAh. This smartphone-table is also equipped with a solar charging back cover housing, so your iFone 9 will always be charged!

Apple has done it once again. The iFone 9 will be available in white and black, but other colors are available on special order and will be available in 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB. Price for the iFone 9 is $199, $299, and $399 respectively with a two-year contract with your preferred wireless carrier.