In the near future, when the society and technology reach the new level, people will have less time to clean their houses, to do laundry or even to cook. iHelper is the next generation of intelligent robot which is able to solve those problems in the future. iHelper contains four main parts: receiver, processor, body and wheels.

The receiver has two cameras, microphone and couple sensors that help robot to get command from his owner and to allocate himself, when the processor’s function is to send the signal to body to fulfill the owner’s command. Before using this robot, the owner must install the house or office map with specific and accurate things’ location. Then the robot will automatically connect and synchronize with other appliance via Bluetooth to get the best result.

There are two more major functions in iHelper that let his owner are free from house and him for weeks: automatic charging and schedule working. iHelper is smart enough to know when his battery almost run out, so he will move to the closest outlet to charge himself. When the battery is full, he automatically disconnected from the outlet and go back to his work in schedule that his owner has set up before leaving home. In case of fire, smoke and weird noise or movement are captured by his sensor and detector, he will send a report and phone call to his owner. iHelper can even call police and fire department if there is no reply from his owner in 5-10 minutes.

iHelper is coming out next year at the starting price of $20,000. Its company has announced pre-orders will begin next month. For many advantages, iHelper seems to be good friend in our lives in this technology era.

Trang Nguyen.