The iSuper was developed in the early 21st century. It was fully developed and physically produced in 2015. It was invented by an OOTW Scientist, Dr. Drevan. It was inspired by the idea of running out of time or the ideal of always being on time. The iSuper is a watch that can still time.

The iSuper looks like a normal watch. It tells time. It includes simple features like alarm, world times, and mirror glass. The glass can be turned into a mirror by pressing of the upper right button on the side of the watch. Other features include answer calls, connect to the internet, and GPS location and navigation. The iSuper runs on lithium batteries. It comes in different shapes and sizes, customized to the customer’s like. The straps are transparent. They are made from elastic which helps the skin transpire.

The iSuper has picobots, small sensors, which read the skin is placed on. This allows the iSuper to identify the person, and how much matter (the person) needs to grab from the specified time and space.  When the round button on the side is pressed, the iSuper uses technology from OOTW, which is a purple liquid, and freezes time. Everything and everyone freezes except for the person who is wearing the iSuper. The iSuper allows the customer to get to places on time. It helps with deadlines and extends the time constraints. Stress levels decreased by 96% according to research already done with the testers.

The iSuper is constrained on technology from OOTW. The power to stop time is gone when the purple liquid technology mazing around the back of the watch runs out.  One batch of purple in the watch lasts about a month’s worth of time. The liquid can be replaced or the watch will become just another regular watch.

The iSuper is not available for the general public at the moment. It is set to go on sale for the price of $500,000,000 each iSuper when it is released to the public in June 2020.