iScream is a social media service produced by the company Apple Inc., which enables users to record themselves screaming and post it on their profile page. According to Apple’s report in December 2014, the site has recorded more traffic than other sound-driven sites such as Soundcloud and Myspace. It was reported in January 2015, that it has gained approximately 350 million unique screams by 175 million users since its creation in April 2014. Apple CEO Tim Cook appointed Jacob “Jingleheimer” Schmidt as the head of iScream’s of department.

Users can create a profile and customize a URL, where one can post his or her own audio tracks, that will only be posted if the volume of the clip reaches 80 decibels (dB) or more. The “Deci-counter” feature tracks the progression of how loud a user’s tracks are over time. The more hits an audio track gets, the more “iScream Cones” a user can collect. If a user collects a certain number of “Cones,” they can then purchase upgrades for their profile.

In December 2014, the social networking website, Facebook, declared that the website would not have any affiliation with iScream due to the company’s intolerance to lactose based products. Since the announcement, Apple has removed all services from their products that can be  compatible with Facebook. iScream does work with other social media sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Vine. It is projected to continue to gain in popularity, and will be the most used social media service by January 2017.