Apple is known today as one of the most impressive and innovative corporations the world has ever seen. They never cease to amaze us as they roll out product after product, ranging from their first product the Mac, to the amazing iPhone. But Apple might have actually outdone themselves with their latest creation. Their latest gift to us is titled the iSmell. It may not have the physical presence like one of their gorgeous products, but this app may change the world and the way we convey our senses.

            As humans we can obviously share some of five senses that we posses. Apple has taken that a whole another step further by creating the iSmell application. It enables us to share smells we capture with other people that you are not with through the use of our iPhones. We can now electronically send smells to other friends when we’re thousands of miles away. Just walked into a bakery in France with the greatest smelling baguettes ever? Apple says no problem, with a click of a button you can share the amazing aura with your friends in America. Think your mom’s homemade apple pie is better than your best friend’s mom? Prove it to him by sending the smell of that sweet apple pie right as it is brought out of the oven. Apple has even appealed to jokesters who would like to pull a prank and send one of their awesome farts to one of their fraternity buddies.

            To work this fabulous app all you have to do is hold up you iPhone and hold the home button down for however long you’d like to capture the smell. Then its simply used like texting and you can choose whom to send the smell to. As humans we heavily rely all of five senses. Sharing them with others is a huge part of our lives, as we love to share experiences. Such a simple thought, but yet so hard to execute and make a reality, but Apple has done just that.

Grant Wharton