iSuck (eye-suck)


iSuck is a new vacuum cleaner made by Apple Computers inc. This vacuum cleaner features an 8 inch Retina Display touch screen to access all of the controls as well as a built in SSD drive for media storage. iSuck features an industry first design that uses a direct drive motor, which eliminates the need for a rubber belt drive system and it also incorporates a bag-less waste collections system, which eliminates the need for costly disposable bags.


 The iSuck features the all-new 8-pin Lightning connector and a 120/240v AC power plug as well as various types of sensors. There is a proximity sensor, which will alert the user when the machine is too close to furniture or walls. There is a gyroscope, which will indicate the proper amount of lean that is needed to get optimal vacuum performance. There are two storage options available, 16GB and 32GB.  The iSuck is more than just a vacuum cleaner it is a media player and web browser. Media can be downloaded onto the iSuck via wifi connection to iTunes or the 8-pin lighting connection. The iSuck can be programmed to alert the user for cleaning schedules and maintenance. These cleaning schedules can be accessed from any iOS device.


iSuck is expected to go on sale by the end of 2013 for a starting price of $400 for the 16GB version and $500 for the 32GB version. It will be available in two colors, white and black. It will be unveiled alongside the iSuck mini, which is a battery, operated vacuum as well as the iBlow, which is a new Leaf blower made by Apple.