Iman Harrington born September 14th 1958, Is a Public Health Specialist and philantropist, who focuses on spreading health awareness around the world. Born and raised in Riverside, California, she studied at the University of Californina Riverside in 1976  for her Undergraduates degree in Health Science. She has had experience volunteering at Loma Linda University Medical Center in the labor and delivery and Critical Care Unit. At the front desk she enhanced her customer service skills and the ability to manage conflict. In the Critical Care and Labor and Delivery units, she was able to gain practical experience with patient care. This hospital experience not only challenged her professionally but affirmed her personal desire to pursue a career in the medical field. Getting involved in the hospital opened the door to further hospital experiences and planted a seed of inspiration. She continued her volunteer experience at the Naval Medical center in San Diego, where she shadowed a nurse in the Post Operational department.

In 1978, she moved to Los Angeles, continuing her volunteering at the Union Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter that provides food, shelter and clothing. Her responsibilities were to continue her preparing the sleeping quarters and ensuring that every room is room is safe and fully furnished.  

In 1985, she volunteered at Koinonia Family Services, a foster and adoption agency that provides quality care and therapeutic services for abused and neglected children. Her work with the children continued into the family services and they developed the Iman Harrington Fundraiser, where money is donated every year.

In 1995, she began a family with Edward Harrington and moved to Atlanta, Georgia. She had four children, Leila Harrington, Sylvester Harrington, Edward Harrington Jr., and Sydnee Harrington. Now Iman is a grandmother to Edward Harrington III, Samantha Willis, and David Ramone.

Finally, her church volunteer experience has made a positive impact on others character and personal development. Over the years she has helped in the children’s ministry planning and implementing activities and community outreach projects. She was also given the opportunity to take mission trips to New Orleans in 2006 to assist with the effects of the hurricane Katrina effects and “World Changers”- reconstructing houses for underprivileged families. These experiences have allowed her to understand the true meaning of sacrifice and service.