Immortal land is a levitating mass of land within the Earth’s stratosphere that floats approximately right above the North Pole. Human beings who inhabit it are given the potential ability to live eternally without deterioration of health or youth. The levitation mechanism functions through the repelling magnetic forces of the North Pole and featherlight soil of Immortal Land. The two potent and opposing forces neutralize each one other to exhibit the image of a “floating island.” Geologists from Harvard University currently hypothesize that Immortal Land formed 70 million years ago when a cluster of dinosaurs discharged a large body of feces giving off strong magnetic waves. Over the next 69.9 million years, this body of feces gradually levitated off the Earth’s surface to form an inhabitable land for humans. The immortality property that Immortal Land possesses is due to its multitude of trees that bear extraordinarily nutritious fruits such as Davidurian and Galánana. These fruits contain an abundant amount of nutrients that significantly exceed that of any fruit obtainable on Earth. Such nutritive properties are derived from Immortal Land’s optimal weather conditions of moderate humidity and sunshine levels, as well as rich and fruitful soil. When consumed on a regular basis, these fruits replenish the body with boundless quantities of collagen and protein that supply the human body with eternal youth and strength. Harvard geologists predict that Immortal Land will eventually decompose and disintegrate within the next millennial due to its delicate composition of dinosaur feces. As of September 2016, Maybelline Beauty Organization is currently making efforts to preserve Immortal Land to prevent its youthful fruits from going extinct.