Impromptopia, was a small, mythical tropical island destination for pirates from the 17th to 19th centuries, speculated to have been located in the remote South Pacific ocean between French Polynesia and the Hawaiian Islands, where Captain Staunton once sailed the same waters. Although not positioned in the premier pirate shipping lanes of the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans that noted contemporaries such as Blackbeard and Anne Bonny sailed, Impromptopia nevertheless has been present in modern day consciousness.

Rumor has it that the seafarers coined the island’s name from the combination of two recognizable terms: impromptu and Utopia due to the fact that they allegedly experienced idyllic spontaneous behavior during their visits to Impromptopia.. According to Webster’s dictionary, “impromptu” is defined as “ad-lib, extemporization, improvisation’ and ‘Utopia’ as ‘an imaginary and remote place’ akin to other well-known fantasy lands like Camelot', 'Eden',' 'heaven', 'nirvana',' never-never land, 'promised land',' 'Shangri-la', and paradise.”

The hierarchy aboard pirate vessels notwithstanding, buccaneers of old were nevertheless much more "egalitarian" than any other area of employment at the time, which arguably afforded the mariners ample free time and pocket change. Legend has it that most of this time and money were spent along the white sandy beaches that Impromptopia was famous for along with the reportedly charming South Pacific native female companionship.

While published reports have deliberated on the history of Impromptopia, it was thought to have been completely destroyed and submerged after the eruption the volcano Krakatoa in 1883, which brought widespread devastation to the region from the ensuing tidal wave activity.