Inayat is a powerful gnome druid, best known for her blue hair and velociraptor companion, Fluffy. She is a known worshiper of the goddess Sarenrae, goddess of the sun, redemption, honesty, and healing. Through her goddess, Inayat is able to cast any spell she wishes, but her chief focus is on healing, Goodberries being her specialty.

She is above average height for females of her race, standing 3'3" but only weighing 30 pounds. Her bright pink skin marks her as young, she is believed to nearing her seventieth year,which for gnomes is still early adulthood. Her linguistic skills are impressive as well, she has command of common tongue, Gnomish, Druidic, Aklo, Sylvan, Auran, and Necril. Her main weaponry is a spear and a sling, truthfully she is woeful with the spear, but quite accurate with her sling. Of all her skills that come from being a gnome, her best skill comes from her being a druid, she has connections with all animals. Her companion Fluffy is her biggest asset; as a velociraptor Fluffy is fast and fierce, more than a friend but also a defender. Inayat's Neutral Good alignment combines well with Fluffy's chaotic good alignment and together they have traveled Varisia, making few friends as gnomes tend to dislike others. They do their best to leave each place better than when they found it, protecting people from goblins and healing the ill.