Ooga Booga Island can be found somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle. The island does not appear on printed maps, but satellite images show that it does exist. Many travelers and explorers who go to the island come back in one peace. However, the island’s terrain and natural resources make it a hard place to live for foreigners, so many travelers do not consider settling down on this island.

Population and Terrain

According to travelers who have visited this island, the inhabitants are called the Ooganese. The population is said to be around the 400-500 range. The standards of living on this island is hard because of the way the terrain of the island is. It consists of many mountains, hills, and trees. Many different animals and wildlife can also be found on this island.

Living Conditions

The Ooganese have non-industrial ways of living. Their housing conditions are similar to the Native Americans’ in America. They hunt for their own food as a way to survive. Common animals that are caught are rabbits, possums, deer, goat, and various kinds of fishes. To quench their thirst, they use the islands natural spring water found on the rivers.


The people of Ooga Booga Island are collectivists. They are seemingly family-oriented and do not have any sort of enemies around them. The Ooganese always watch out for and help one another. The only dangers that face the Ooganese people are human-eating species such as bears, lions, tigers, and alligators.

Though the Ooganese people live a life of struggle, their way of helping each other and surviving the harsh conditions of the island is admirable, particularly to those who are from an industrialized society. Without any help with modern technology, they use state of the art skills that require nothing but intuition and use of their surroundings.

- Daryl Vergonio