Infinity Forest Golf Course

Established in 2000, Infinity Forest Golf Course is one of the world’s most renowned golf courses and has been rated as one of golf’s premier sites to enjoy the sport. Born out of the forest of the Brazil’s this five star resort course is top notch for any golfer looking for a challenge. Infinity Forest GC was designed by Gerald Williams and took over 5 years to develop and perfect this golf course. Since being established in 2001 Gerald Williams has made dramatic changes to the golf course and resort by adding waterfalls and live volcanoes as obstacles and distractions to the golfers.

The fairways of the golf course are lined with imported lava rock from the big island of Hawaii; the grass was brought in from the wild fields of Nebraska, and the sand for the bunkers came from the beaches of Japan. Rare animals were brought to give a more exotic look to the landscape: kangaroos, polar bears and elephants roam the land like regular animals in their habitats. The trees form a cover over the golf course to protect against flooding when tropical storms pass by.

Although Infinity Forest GC has survived for 11 years there seems to be mysteries to the scientists who have studied this resort but studies have shown that polar bears kangaroos and elephants can live together in a warm, forestry type setting. Biggest issue for the scientist is when will the volcano actually fully erupt and end the golf course, as we know it. The estimated value of this resort is $200 million.