Infinity Space Airlines

Ever since the "space race" of the mid 20th century, humankind has always dreamt of exploring space. Now the dream of millions has become a reality.

Back in 2003, Heinrick von Baltom and Frank Hummerbacker, friends since elementary school, graduated with honors at San Jose State University, both with triple majors in Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Engineering. Right after graduating, they both had the vision like many Americans of space travel for the average person.  Over the next ten years, with the assistance of major aeronautical and private space technology firms, came the launch of Infinity Space Airlines in summer 2013.  

Infinity Space Airlines is the first intergalactic space traveling airlines of its kind. I.S.A comprises of a fleet of over one hundred state of the art aircrafts powered by zero emission hydrogen fission engines that offer tours to all eight planets in the solar system. With over five hundred launching sites around the world, from San Francisco, Bangkok, to Frankfurt, anyone has access to this magnificent opportunity.

Each space traveler has the option of choosing a variety of I.S.A. travel options. These options include individual routes to individual planets lasting between three days, to a week. For example, travel to Jupiter takes about five days, with a day of orbit of the planet. Travel to Pluto takes around one week. The  month long solar grand tour, which tours all eight of the planets, is also an option that is definitely a once in a life time opportunity.

By 2020, Heinrick and Hummerbacker have plans to expand Infinity Space Airlines travel destinations to beyond the milky way to neighboring galaxies such as Pulmar and Crypto.