Insta Grow is a growth inducing plant hormone. It was originally produced by ‘Plants and Things’ in San Jose California, and has been in production since late 2014. Plants and Things patented the Insta-grow technology one month after production began, and put Insta-grow on the market on January 1st, 2015. Originally meant to be a growth supplement meant to aid in the quick growth of food supplies, Insta-grow has also been applied to the restoration of rain forests in the Amazon Jungle. Insta-Grow increases the growth rate of plant material by 6000% and therefore shortens the growth time of many large tress to within a year. With the new growth speed that Insta Grow allows, the jungles gain back 3% of lost land every year. It works by genetically altering the chemical properties of different plants to include a ten percent make up of common grass. The grass and target plant material’s genomes are fused and, the target material assumes the growth rate of the grass. After a 205% increase in sales in 2016, Insta Grow was purchased by ‘Happy Almonds’, an almonds farm based out of San Diego, California. The patent and rights to the name ‘Insta-Grow’ were purchased for three billion dollars and a recurring royalty fee of 5% of all of ‘Happy Almonds’ sales for the next 15 financial years. However, after the fifteen years expired, it was agreed that Insta-Grow would enter the public domain in order, “that the entire world may benefit from the miracle qualities of our product.”(Insta-Grow Press announcement).