Not insane in the membrane

Dr. O-Mickey Lafayette, world famous inventor and head of biochemical and genetics research at Top University (2003-present), invented the means of achieving temporary total invisibility. Being invisible is to be completely see-through, according to the MadeUp Book of Definitions (Blah Blah, 2009, p. 8001). Lafayette has redefined the laws of invisibility. He was working on a research project with collegues Dr. Jamba and Dr. Pepper, fellow biochemical and genetics researchers at Top University, studying the biochemical complexes of the invisible fish, zoous invisibilius. They had been working with its poison and DNA, trying to identify and isolate the invisibility complex, for four years when both Dr. Jamba and Dr. Pepper began to question Dr. Lafayette's behavior. Before Dr. Lafayette's discovery and ensuing invention, Dr. Jamba was reported to have claimed that, "Dr. Lafayette is insane. After four years on this particular project, I have never seen him act the way he has been lately. I can't remember the last time he slept or left the lab. I think we may need to call off the research," (Stew, "He's Actually Sane", 2014, p. 47) which sparked the initial controversy over the validity of Dr. Lafayette's research in the early September before his invention came out. However, when Dr. Lafayette revealed his invention to the world three months later in December 2013, the world no longer thought he was insane

How it works

The process of invisibility is quite complicated, but Dr.Lafayette is able to put it in simple terms for us. Dr.Lafayette explained that to achieve invisibility, you must change your chemicals in your body. To do this, Lafayette has created a simple get impressive potion that can cause someone to become "invisible". The individual can be unseen for up to 5 hours, but to be completely hidden, they must be wearing no clothing. 90% of people that were surveyed said they would try out the invisibility potion (Cheese, "To Be Invisible?", 2014).

The First Trial

Imagine being the first person to ever become invisible. Well, Crazy Mc' Craycray volunteered to test out the potion. There were several trial and errors before the potion worked. Several potions made him sick, but he continued to help the cause. Eventually, after taking one drink, Craycray's feet began to disappear. Within 10 minutes, Craycray's whole body was unseen. He was able to talk and lift objects, but his skin pigments could not be seen. This marked the first success of Dr.Lafayette.


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