Invizards are rare legendary lizards that are found mostly on the island of Shikoku which is Japans smallest island and least populated giving them the ability to roam free and breed.  Cousins of the Komodo Dragon, Invizards are extremely large reptiles who have an average length of 15 feet and can weigh up to 250 lbs.  Some fossils show incredible jaws as well as sharp talons on both the front and back legs.  Acid and tar like residue was also found on the remains of a deceased Invizard giving a better idea of what these beasts use in order to kill their prey.  They live mainly in trees and have extreme camoflauge that can be compared to the cuttlefish.  These large beasts arent very well documented dispite their large size do to the incredible stealthy hiding abilities.  They are extremely vicious and go for anything seen on land aswell as humans.  Some stories that the locals have told say that the Invizard first shoots a tar like substance over eyes from the trees then jumps down to engulf the prey with its sheer mass.  The legend state that it is extremely fast and agile since it jumps from tree to tree or runs down its prey.  Many try and take pictures from afar on boats and ships but arent able to see what this brute really looks like.  This is the reason behind the small amount of documentation since people are too affraid to actually go on the island looking for these legendary creatures. 

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