Ever since you’ve adopted that adorable middle aged dog from the shelter you’ve noticed some slight changes. Maybe it’s just your imagination, maybe it’s just coincidence, or maybe your dog is a super hero? Remember the movie Underdog?  Did you know that the movie  was actually inspired by real events? *gasps* Read below for some of the signs that indicate your adorable canine is actually a super hero.

Does your dog get up in the middle of the night?

Some times you are awoken by your dog jumping down from the bed and listening to the pitter patter of their feet running around the house. Sometimes you swear you even hear the front door opening. You could just be dreaming, but maybe your dog is actually leaving for a nightly mission.

Odd interactions with other dogs?

When you go on walks with your dog, do other dogs seemingly come up, thank, and worship your dog? This could just be friendly dog hellos, or maybe they are are thanking your dog for the great work they have done.

Do cats run in fear?

Popular media will have you believe that dogs and cats have a storied rivalry, but this rivalry does not concern the food chain, but rather the fight of good vs evil. Cats and dogs can interact with each other on a normal basis, but if cats run at the sight of your dog, chances are they are fearful of being caught.

Has the crime rate in your area diminished?

No more robberies at the local markets; drugs are disappearing from off the streets.; you no longer fall asleep to gun shots in the area, etc. This could all be due to a maturing population, or maybe, just possibly there is a new vigilante in town.

Do you find awards hidden under the couch and bed?

Awards from the police department, fire department … the mayor? … the governor! … THE PRESIDENT?! All thanking your canine, Spot? Yeah sure, maybe the previous home owner was a modest super hero that didn’t like to bask in his own glory, and shared the same name as your dog. Or just maybe, your dog has been fighting crime and defending justice behind your back.

If you live alone and answered yes to one or more of these questions, maybe your furry pal is a super hero. So what do you next? Well chances are the world is better with their presence, so humor your pet. Let them believe you are clueless to their alternate identity, continue to feed them and shower them with toys. Remember to give them all the love they deserve, because chances are you are the reason they continue to fight, for your protection.

Thao Huynh