Isabella Espresso

The beginnings of the popular coffee drink of espresso have been said to have originated by Isabella Espresso, a humble girl who reportedly grew up to achieve great things. Isabella apparently grew up in the Italian countryside, close to the beach town of Senigallia. Accounts suggest Isabella was born in 1548 and died in 1604 due to pneumonia. During her lifetime it has been said she achieved a great deal in her coffee business she opened up when she was in her twenties. She also seems to have done a great deal of charity work, helping disadvantaged children get an education.


Growing up, Isabella has been said to not have much. Her father was believed to be fisherman and was only making ends meet. Her mother was said to be a seamstress, although when Isabella was in elementary school, it seems as though hard economic times hit the Marche region of Italy, and work was scarce. Despite all of this, Isabella’s parents were said to have worked even harder to make sure their only child got an education to provide opportunities in life. It was apparently very hard for a working class family to send a child to school during those times, but Isabella’s parents were said to have great faith and belief that an education would send their daughter to great places.

Isabella does not seem to have wasted this opportunity she was said to have been given. Supposedly, she used the knowledge she acquired from school and put it to good use. Apparently she opened her first coffee shop right in the downtown of Senigallia and it took off. She was said to have only used roasted gourmet coffee beans taken from the hills of Umbria and created a special drink named after herself, espresso. This drink seems to have become very popular in the entire Marche region, and Isabella allegedly opened up a chain of her coffee shops.


It’s assumed Isabella garnered great success and a great amount of wealth. She reportedly bought her parents a beautiful home to thank them for all the hard work over the years they did in order for her to go to school. It’s suggested that Isabella also opened up a school for disadvantaged children because she apparently knew what it felt like to fight for a spot to be in school.

Accounts suggest that Isabella had a colorful and fulfilling life, brimming with success and charitable work. Not to mention, she is reported to have created one of the most popular drinks in history, the espresso.

Yasmin Sepahmansoor