In the Mediterranean Sea, the Irene Islands are known to be the only pathway to the Western hemisphere. Denizens of the Irene Islands control the passage ways to the unknown. Only those navies, traders, and merchants blessed by the King of the Irene Islands may pass. Neighboring kingdoms seek the aid of the Irene Empire to protect their waterways from foreign foes. However, a neighboring kingdom known as Testeronia, ruled by the newly crowned king Hercules, looms over the peace of the Mediterranean. Testeronia boasts a robust empire with a large standing navy, crowded city centers, and a growing economy. Hercules, realizing that the Irene Islands would be a tremendous ally in growing Testeronia’s power, decides to set sail for the Islands to forge a treaty of partnership between the two nations. The King of the Irene Islands, wise in his old age and ruling his kingdom for several decades, knows that the presence of Testeronia can no longer be ignored. The doors of the Irene Islands opened for the arrival of Hercules. Not only were the Irene Islands renown for its power, but for its perpetual beauty. However, the most beautiful thing of the Islands were not its olive gardens, vineyards, and palaces, but the King’s daughter Isabella. Tales of her beauty only reach as far as the shores of the Irene Islands. Hercules, in complete awe of the palaces of the Irene Islands, did not expect Isabella to be among the King’s court. Immediately enamored by her beauty, Hercules asks for Isabella’s hand in marriage. The King of the Irene Islands, slightly taken aback by this offer but not outwardly surprised, realizes that marrying his daughter to Hercules would guarantee a long lasting peace. Of course, he asks his daughter if she will wed. Isabella, infatuated with Hercule’s handsomeness and intrigued by a kingdom outside her own, naively agrees to the marriage. After arriving back to Testeronia from a long voyage, Isabella becomes ill. Hercules, impatient to receive the marriage blessings from Testeronia’s elders, urge Isabella to attend the ceremony and hearing despite her sick condition. The elders, starstruck by Isabella’s overwhelming beauty, start to immediately wonder what other beautiful women and objects can be found on the Irene Islands. The men of Testeronia decide to set sail to the Irene Islands in search for riches and beautiful women. They believed their army could overthrow that of Irene’s and take control of the final frontier which started a century long war that destroyed both kingdoms. Citations:Jonathan, L., Kevin, L., & Irene, R. (2011, October 3). The Irene Islands. Isabella. Retrieved October 3, 2011, from